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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping improve the community. We help families reunite through spiritual engagement.

We organize fundraisers, community-building events. We are staffed by volunteers and looking to expand our service. Our goal is to manage a spiritually based transitional home. Assisting and Developing the formerly incarcerated into becoming servants to their community.

With the help of supporters like you, we can make a difference.

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Second Chance Life San Francisco was founded by a Pastor. Pastor Tom Pham has been living in Marin County for over twenty years. San Quentin State Prison sits atop a hill near his home in San Rafael. The image of the prison continually tugs at his heart each time he passes by on his way to the Church that he pastors, located across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

“On my morning jogs, I would see the prison and often wondered about the people there. Were they husbands? Fathers? Brothers? Why did they make the decision that landed them in prison? Are there innocent people there?”

These questions remained in his heart for many years. After what seemed like a long awaited opportunity, in 2013 the doors to San Quentin was opened and Pastor Tom walked through the gates as a volunteer. He began a Thursday morning bible study group in the prison chapel. 

Today, the bible study at San Quentin has grown to more than 30 members. In 2016, one of the prisoners paroled from San Quentin and is a member of Pastor Tom’s church in San Francisco’s Sunset District. The church and Second Chance Life San Francisco has supported the ex-prisoner. Today there are fifteen formerly incarcerated members of Pastor Tom’s church.

Second Chance Life San Francisco’s mission is to assist those who were incarcerated physically, mentally, and spiritually through community activities such as volunteering and assistance. Our mission is to be able to give back into the community. We are hosting our first dinner banquet on October 19th, 2018 to introduce our mission. Contact us via email.

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